Technical SEO Implementation in Milwaukee

In today’s age of technically savvy business owners, you most likely have a good understanding or have at least heard of SEO, as in Search Engine Optimization, but what is technical SEO and how is it implemented? Technical SEO is less about optimizing your website or blog with keywords and has much more to do with how search engines index them. Search engine indexing refers to the process by which Google, for example, collects and stores data from your website via sitemaps (web pages) and URL structures (website addresses), so that your page(s) reflect on search results pages when consumers look for specific services/products/ideas, etc.

How to implement technical SEO

Now that you have an overall understanding of what technical SEO is, let’s further discuss all the separate SEO tactics that comprise the entire SEO implementation process, which includes:

  • Indexing Your Website
    • Sitemap: The sitemap is essentially an outline of the pages on your website, which allows search engines to ‘crawl’ your website to identify their content/relevancy related to user searches
    • Broken Links: Ensuring your website does not contain broken (inactive or incorrect) links, which can hinder your websites effectiveness on search engines
  • Working with URLs
    • Using URL redirects, which is the process of redirecting one, several or all of your webpages to a new URL, so that it protects your previous link power
    • Modification and management of URLs
  • txt Files
    • Ensuring those pages you want indexed are and those that you don’t, aren’t
  • Working with Code and URLs
    • Working with Javascript or Flash coding languages to improve how the searches engines are crawling your website
  • Tracking Your Website
    • Continually and regularly checking your website to test your SEO methods to answer the following questions:
      • Are your webpages garnering enough visitors?
      • Which pages aren’t providing the value visitors are looking for?
      • Are there keywords your potential consumers are searching for, but are lacking in your website, resulting in their inability to ‘find’ you?

These are just some of the issues related to technical SEO that have the potential to have a tremendous impact on how you stack up against your competitors and how you rank in search engines. As a whole, effective technical SEO ensures search engines, which equates to consumers, are finding your website. It is the difference between reaching your sales goals and falling short or worse, failing entirely.

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