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Retargeting and Remarketing Advertising Campaigns for your business

Retargeting and remarketing advertising are often used synonymously when describing marketing strategies that are focused on reaching potential customers and ensuring they make a purchase before leaving your business’ website. To illustrate the differentiation of these terms, however, retargeting generally relies on display ads that target users based on their computer’s ‘cookies’ as they browse the internet (correlates to an interest in specific types of products/services/brands), while remarketing relies on collecting user information based on browsing history to market or remarket to them in the future, which is typically done using either direct mail or email. However, the marketing intention of both remains the same – to create retargeting/remarketing campaigns that convert consumers to buyers.

Retargeting Advertising Campaigns Have Higher Rate of Consumer Engagement

Retargeting is often used to describe online ad placements through third-party networks based on a user’s activity. For example, if a potential consumer visits your website, their browsing activity is set via their computer’s cookies and you can now target ads to them via an unlimited number of websites they visit, which is how the term “retargeting” was coined. Compared to non-retargeted display ad campaigns, retargeting campaigns have a significantly higher rate of consumer engagement and purchase follow-through.

Types of Retargeting

Retargeting and remarketing are referred to as performance-based display advertising and the use of both have grown exponentially over the last few years. There are four general types of effective retargeting campaigns, which include:

  • Site Retargeting: Involves setting java script (code) on your site that fires a cookie or tag in each user’s browser that allows you to advertise to them later as they continue to browse other sites
  • Search Retargeting: Serving ads to users who have searched for your product, service, brand, or relevant keywords on search engines like Bing and Google
  • Dynamic Retargeting: Uses dynamic technology to serve up products and ad copy based on behavioral information, a detailed customer profile or content from your website that the user may be interested in purchasing
  • Product Retargeting: Retargeting a customer who has viewed/shown interest in a specific product on your website, but did not purchase

Setting up a professional and effective retargeting/remarketing campaign is essential in today’s highly competitive marketplace and will enable your business to grow its customer base exponentially. Other great reasons to incorporate a retargeting/remarketing strategy include: reduced marketing costs, better conversion rates, strategic and precise target marketing, cost effective branding and improved return on investment. Retargeting technology is highly complex and continues to advance, however, and it is therefore essential that you employ the services of a professional PR advertising firm to ensure your strategy is effective. Contact the Milwaukee PR consultants at Debra Lopez Public Relations to increase your business’s visibility and boost your customer base in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

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