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BuzzFeed Style Digital Content for your digital marketing campaigns

BuzzFeed is a leading media company at the forefront of the social age that focuses on reporting high-quality, viral/trending content across the Internet, in order to quickly spread a variety of information on subjects and topics of interest to people in real time. BuzzFeed connects in excess of 200 million visitors monthly and this number continues to increase rapidly. BuzzFeed is leading a major shift in the advertising industry from traditional banner ads to social advertising, which not only inspires and engages consumers, but also generates social change through promotional efforts via free media, which refers to publicity gained through non-paid media or “earned media.” BuzzFeed utilizes leading technologies and a unique social distribution engine to drive their social advertising initiatives. Generally speaking, their advertising/news/entertaining and reporting strategy is a direct reflection of the Internet at large.

Publishers and brands should include BuzzFeed-style digital content in their advertising and promotional campaigns, because it creates a space where branded content can succeed using smart psychology to get people to pay attention. Branded content builds relationships by affecting consumers’ emotions by connecting with them through good stories they care about, have interest in and satisfy them, as opposed to static banner advertising. BuzzFeed has a distinct voice that captures consumers’ interest and shapes culture. Its voice is not only distinct and consistent, it also captures consumers’ social language and expression consistently, across the Web via social media conversations and other social platforms. In addition, it educates and shapes the media market by investing in thought leadership. In other words, they build their content marketing strategies by cultivating relationships cultivated on trust and investing in content that’s good for the world.

Due to the accelerated rate of social sharing across media platforms across the World-Wide-Web, BuzzFeed digital content has found enterprising and innovative was of leveraging the full scope of what ‘social’ means to consumers. Successful businesses are those that are taking part in this type of consumer engagement to increase visibility of their brands, products and services, leading to prolific growth.

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