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by | Aug 29, 2016 | Digital Tips

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SEO Milwaukee

SEO, three small letters that can confuse and intimidate business owners like yourself.  But the only thing you really need to know about SEO is that you really need SEO.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the complicated system that determines where you rank in a Google search.  The goal of SEO is to increase traffic to your website, which in turn gets you more leads, clients and ultimately, revenue.

Like most technology, SEO has come a long way.  What was once as simple as strategically packing your website with keywords such as “Milwaukee Veterinarian” or “Veterinarian Milwaukee” has now become a secretive algorithm that is continuously changing.  Without strong SEO working along with compelling content marketing, you’ll be lucky to be found at all in the thousands of pages of search results.


Algorithm.  After Google caught on to “keyword stuffing” a few years ago, they completely revamped their systems.  Since then, the relevance of our search engine results has drastically increased.  Gone are the days of spammy links and pages full of babbling content.

Now, websites are full of useful information, indexed content, and extremely valuable blogs.  Sites are well organized, indexed and categorized, making users and search engines find what they’re looking for.

Content, Content, Content

As little as five years ago, the internet seemed to have been designed for robots.  Reading a paragraph jammed with randomly placed keywords didn’t make for a very user friendly experience.  Fast forward to now – websites are written for the reader which makes finding the information you need a much easier experience.

DLPR to the Rescue

With all these foreign sounding words and concepts, we can understand why you’d be frustrated.  You’re a business owner, not a tech wiz or computer savant.  This is a process.  There is no exact method and every company will have a different need. That’s where we come in.   Before you give up on SEO and Content Marketing completely remember what we said….You NEED it.  And we can do it for you.  Give us a call!