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Although the internet has undeniably risen exponentially in popularity over the last several years, television remains the dominant marketing medium for garnering the most effective and powerful form of advertising, according to a recent study by Ball State University, which researched the consumption habits of Americans. The study revealed that, on average, consumers spend approximately four-and-a-half to six hours per day watching television during their most “attentive” time, making it the most common leisure time activity of the majority of consumers. Therefore, it is no mystery that advertising via company television shows is one of the most powerful forms of advertising. The team at Debra Lopez PR are expert Television Producers who can help grow your business on TV.

Advertise on TV

Advertising your products and/or services allows you to ‘show and tell’ to a large, diverse group of potential customers, so that you can communicate, as well as demonstrate the benefits and value of purchasing, which effectively converts casual viewers into loyal customers. In addition, a company television show affords the greatest potential for creative advertising, compared to other marketing mediums.

Other important advantages to having television shows to advertise and market your company include the following:

  • Gives your company instant credibility and validity through a premium consumer experience, by combining messages conveyed through sight, sound and motion
  • Provides the opportunity to attach a ‘personality’ to your products or services through creative shows that translates into repeat customers
  • Reaches a larger audience than radio and local newspapers, and in a shorter period of time
  • ‘Tells’ consumers that you’re serious and successful
  • Creates instant awareness of your company, products, services and most importantly, your brand
  • Enables you to focus your advertising to the type of consumer you want to reach, by airing your television shows during periods when your target market is most likely to watch

Expert Television Producers

It’s time for businesses to ‘think outside the browser.’ The vast majority of consumers say TV is the advertising medium where they are the most likely to learn about products they want to buy, and where they prefer to learn about new products. Television shows have earned a consistent, proven track record for promoting services and products for more than half a century for local and regional businesses and they aren’t just for brick and mortar companies, they’re highly effective for online companies, too!

Debra Lopez Public Relations has guided a multitude of companies and organizations to success by creating and producing creative, highly effective television shows. Our PR consultants possess the tools, talent and expertise to create an oustanding television show that combines a good script, while highlighting your products and services.

Contact the Milwaukee PR experts at Debra Lopez Public Relations to increase your business’s visibility and boost your customer base in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

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