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Social media is an important tool to use alongside our other digital content marketing services in Milwaukee. People are constantly connected to the internet via smartphones, computers and tablets. If you aren’t taking advantage of social media, you are missing out on a large audience of potential clients.

Marketing on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter

Debra Lopez Public Relations’ Milwaukee social media marketing specialists have the know-how to get your business recognized on the web. We write compelling content that appeals to social media users to help you increase your bottom line.

Social media refers to websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. With over 2 billion active social media accounts, it has become impossible for a business to justify NOT being connected!

Social media allows your customers to better research products, seek recommendations, and review your company. What was once “word of mouth” advertising now translates to a share on Facebook or a follower on Twitter.  From small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, having a social media presence is imperative to the success and growth of your company.

Online presence establishes trust in your brand or service. Social media interactions drive traffic to your website, which increases your leads.

Google places higher value in businesses when they have an active social media campaign. Overall, the more relevant your social media is – the more relevant your company is.

Debra Lopez Public Relations can implement your business’ social media to allow you to begin reaching potential clients. Great care is given in creating your brand identity. We will establish a strong social media presence by engaging with existing followers, and will expand your fan base through quality web content.

Contact Milwaukee social media marketing specialists at Debra Lopez Public Relations to increase your brand awareness.