Public Relations Services in Milwaukee

Public Relations Services

Trusted Wisconsin Marketing Company

Debra Lopez Public Relations provides innovative marketing and advertising solutions in Milwaukee and surrounding areas for businesses and individuals across all platforms. Our public relations services will help increase brand recognition for your company. We will get your company on the map as a trusted, seasoned expert for your potential and existing customers.

PR Campaigns

We have the tools and expertise to launch and run an effective PR campaign for you and your business. Our public relations consultants will identify a clear objective with your target audience in mind, and ensure the message comes across clearly to your audience. Trust Debra Lopez Public Relations in Milwaukee or your next PR campaign.

Business Consulting

Our Wisconsin business consultants assess all of your current marketing strategies and figure out where customers are converting or leaving. We will help you come up ways to improve your current strategies, and think of innovative ways you can get your customers’ attention.

Press Release Writing

Debra Lopez Public Relations provides expert press release writing services. Our press releases are designed to capture the media’s attention and make your company the resource for your clientele. We help get your message across to your audience in an effective way. Our Milwaukee press release writers have experience writing content tailored to news stations to get you on air faster. We will also send out the written press releases to popular media outlets.

Advertising Campaigns

Expert advertising campaigns from Debra Lopez Public Relations helps you retain existing clients and obtain new ones. We ensure all your advertisements, from social media and web content to TV commercials, keep your theme consistent and hold the attention of your customers. We develop advertisements to increase your conversion rate (calls, contact form submissions and purchases), and increase your brand recognition.

Event Planning and Support

Our event planning and support services are available for a wide range of activities including:

  • Fundraisers
  • Seminars
  • Corporate parties

We do everything from advertising your event to providing necessary support before and after the event. Debra Lopez Public Relations will also help you secure local vendors and obtain sponsors to ensure your event has everything it needs.

Media Marketing and Branding

Our PR specialists help businesses and individuals create an effective brand that will translate across all platforms including web content, radio and television. Media marketing services are available to get your business recognized as an industry expert. Debra Lopez Public Relations will purchase radio ad time slots, send press releases to news sources and update your website to showcase your company as a trusted resource.

Product Launches

When your company is ready to introduce a new product, trust Debra Lopez Public Relations to give it the publicity it needs. We ensure your product is advertised correctly from pre to post launch. Whether you are looking for a new service to be advertised on your website or social media account, or you need a new product featured on television or in the news, our Milwaukee public relations specialists have you covered.