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Native Ads compliment your digital marketing campaigns

Native ads or native advertising is a form of paid advertising and promotions of a particular brand in which the ad is placed via the natural form, feel and function of the platform where it appears and thus, matches the consumer’s experience for maximum strategic effectiveness. The word “native” refers to the coherence of the content with other media, which appears on the same platform. Additionally, native ads don’t use a traditional advertising format like a banner ad, but instead, includes editorial content, such as an infographics, videos, images, music, articles, commentaries or blog posts. Native ads are typically online advertising, however, they can be in any form conducive to the ‘experience’ desired.

To further explain the form and function aspect of native ads, consider the following:

  • Form
    • Native ads match the visual design of the user’s experience, making them look and feel like ‘natural’ content.
  • Function
    • In order to function as a native ad, they must behave consistently to align with the native user experience and as a result, function exactly like natural content.


Types of Native Advertising:

  • Newspaper and magazine ads
  • Advertiser-funded program on web-based television shows
  • Search-based advertising (ads appear alongside related search results)
  • Promoted posts/stories/side-bar ads sponsored by marketers on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


Six Core, Online Native Ad Formats:

  • In-Feed Native Ads
  • Search & Promoted Listings (Google, Bing)
  • Content Recommendation Widgets
  • Custom Content Units


Why should you consider native ads in your advertising strategy?

  • 25 percent more consumers look at in-feed, native ads than standard advertising banners
  • Consumers consistently view native ads more than editorial content
  • 97 percent of mobile media buyers report that their native ad campaigns were more effective at achieving their branding goals
  • Native ads register nearly 20 percent higher for click-through purchase than traditional banner advertising

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