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Graphic design, put simply, is art with a purpose. As such, it has the capability of producing outstanding marketing ads by creating graphic elements through the use of images, symbols and words to represent ideas or messages to achieve modern, relevant and effecting advertising materials for strong advertising campaigns. Debra Lopez Public Relations provides the best, most professional graphic design services in Wisconsin to help businesses achieve success in any advertising medium, including websites and printed materials using the latest software technology. Our graphic designers ensure our clients are provided with cutting-edge graphic design elements that can be used across a multitude of advertising platforms.

The professional graphic designers at Debra Lopez Public Relations use a combination of typography, visual arts and highly effective page layout techniques to produce advertising and marketing materials that captures the attention of consumers. Our professional graphic designs are used to build business identity through logos and branding, in addition to graphics specifically used for website design. Other uses include general marketing advertising initiatives for printed materials and publications, such as magazines, posters, billboards, signs and a myriad of other promotional products.

Our graphic designers possess the expertise to utilize many different elements of graphic design, including photos, symbols, text, illustrations, lines, shapes, color and texture, in order to achieve the best, most artistic graphic design effects for our clients. In sum, we creatively combine a variety of these methods and techniques using art and technology, in order to communicate a specific marketing and advertising message to consumers through the creation of beautifully impressive visual graphics.

Graphic design has become increasingly important in the marketing and advertising of products and services, due to today’s dynamic and highly competitive market. As such, Debra Lopez Public Relations’ graphic designers work diligently to stay abreast of the most up-to-date computer graphics and design software, so that our clients are provided with professionally created graphic designs that are artistically interesting, as well as visually appealing to consumers. Our goal is to create unique designs that convey a recognizable meaning and brand identity for our clients.

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