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Viewable Impression Advertising is vital to your business!

Viewable impression advertising is a term from the online advertising industry that refers to a standardized process for measuring the viewable impression of ad metrics, which are viewable when served in part, entirely or based upon a predetermined set of conditional parameters. The first system to deliver reports based on viewable impression metrics for standard IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) display ad units, called RealVu, was developed by Rich Media Worldwide and accredited by the Media Rating Council on March 9, 2010. The IAB defines a viewable impression as an ad which appears at least 50 percent on screen for more than one second. Additionally, viewable impressions are the metric that advertisers use to quantify the percentage of ads that are actually viewed be real people.

The type of viewable impression being measured depends on the type of ad units, as well as the reporting system. For example, a viewable impression for ads of pre-defined size delivered to pre-defined space on the content page is registered by RealVu when the Ad Content is loaded, rendered, and at least 60 percent of the ad surface area is within the visible area of a viewer’s browser window on an in focus web page for at least one second. Click-through is then measured at the moment of the “viewable impression.”

Measuring viewable impressions is important, because the viewability of ads must be taken into account to ensure that businesses aren’t paying for inventory that isn’t actually being seen by consumers. Viewable impressions provide a highly valuable, and far superior metric for which to capture how many ads are being seen by potential consumers. In addition, advertisers have the ability to more precisely measure ad performance when they know their ads are being viewed by real consumers. Additionally, the shift from impressions served to impressions viewed means that ad placement and ad performance are important metrics for publishers to keep track of, in order to maximize their ad revenue.

Increasing Online, Viewable Impressions

  • Design web pages to be optimized for viewability
    • Design pages with ad unites above the page fold or shorten the length of pages
    • Improve the load time of the website to ensure ads don’t take too long to load and won’t be seen
    • Use ‘sticky’ ads, which remain locked in a specific location on the page and therefore, don’t move as the user scrolls the length of the page
    • Make websites mobile-friendly, by using responsive templates that resize ads, according to the device
      • Avoid technologies, such as Flash, which may not be compatible with mobile devices

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