Working from Home: The New Norm

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Digital Tips, Public Relations

Awakening the Domestic Church

Since opening our doors, Debra Lopez Public Relations (DLPR) has been ahead of the curve. We’ve stayed on top of the countless changes in technology, taking many of our clients (and sister company) into the digital world. We continued to follow the latest in search engine optimization and social media platforms, implementing the newest requirements for algorithms and content. Another thing we’ve done before the world caught on? Working from home. 

Recently, work from home jobs, or working remotely, has gained momentum out of necessity. For our company structure, having a physical office was essential early on. Working collaboratively as a team meant coming into work daily, brainstorming in meetings, consulting with clients, and developing our staff. However, as the digital era emerged and continued to grow, we knew the times were changing. And, while some of these things are still required, we noticed that we didn’t need to physically be together every day. 

So, in typical DLPR tradition, we slowly went remote, although we maintained our home base. What we found was far more astonishing than we could have ever imagined. The benefits of working from home just kept surfacing. Now that the rest of the world has been forced to do the same, we’re here to tell you not to worry. Here’s why:

How Your Company Benefits 

Employees are more productive. Yes, you read that right. In fact, according to a study by Stanford University showed that employees who work remotely are 13 percent more productive than those working in-office daily. That translates into almost an entire extra workday per week! Time-saving extends to other areas. If you work in an office, I’m sure you’ve said or heard, “that meeting could have been an email”. We’d never completely give up the personal touch of in-office meetings, but technology allows our smaller meetings to take place virtually. 

Staff morale is higher. Maybe it’s because working from home improves the desired work-life balance we all seek, or because their colleagues from office-based jobs are jealous of the opportunity, but employees that work from home even one day a week are just happier. This all leads to extreme loyalty to your company and less turnover. 

Time is money. It’s the truth! Working from home, even partially, saves on costs in a multitude of ways. Your company savings include the expected things such as decreased utility costs from using less electricity, but there are things we didn’t even think of. Higher productivity for the same salary means lower payroll overall. Employees take less sick time and vacation time. These savings extend to your staff as well. They spend less money commuting and ordering lunch.

Is Working from Home Right for Your Company?

Working from home may be the new norm, but it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Each business owner can determine what works best for them. Some may decide to go remote completely, while others choose a day or two per week. But, allowing some flexibility is easier than ever thanks to the internet. And, best of all, you’ll get fantastic PR. Work from home incentives has led to feel-good stories all over the news. As a PR company, we couldn’t be happier about that!