What are Public Relations?

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Public Relations

Awakening the Domestic Church

At a recent networking event, I was asked what I do for a living. I responded the way I usually do. I work in PR. And then it happened – the blank look and slight nod. After years in the business, I’ve come to know what this gesture means. The person I’m talking with has no idea what I do. This blog clears up any questions and explains the answers everyone wants to know. 

Public Relations Defined

By definition, public relations is “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” In essence, it is message management between a company and society. 

Creating a positive company image makes a difference in the success of your business.  Having a favorable relationship with the public allows you to maintain that image. Marketing and public relations executives understand the negative consequences of bad publicity.  PR professionals regulate your company’s reputation through a multitude of media. As technology advances, the outlets that impact your brand expand. In addition to traditional media outlets like print, radio, and television, companies now have to monitor the entire internet. 

Functions of Public Relations

Successful PR campaigns consist of planned marketing initiatives combined with strategically implementing a positive image. The ultimate goal of public relations is to affect long-term customer interest and loyalty to your brand. Public relations services use targeted projects that relate to specific, time-sensitive goals or events; or general campaigns that involve ongoing tactics, such as paid advertising.

Ultimately, effective PR campaigns consist of three critical elements, which include:

Identifying the objective: PR representatives analyze your brand and what your audience thinks of your brand. They use this information to anticipate what the public will say about your brand and develop strategies to enhance your image. 

Discovering the key message that will achieve the objective: This includes developing a complete campaign from increasing brand recognition, designing literature, and analyzing the company structure. 

Communicating the message: Through creative and memorable ways, PR professionals target the appropriate audience. They spread the message through press releases distributed to news outlets, website content writing, events, and social media. Compelling story-telling and community outreach effectively prevent and manage crisis’.

Milwaukee Public Relations Firm 

At Debra Lopez Public Relations, we excel in creating highly successful and effective campaigns. Our PR campaigns in Wisconsin provide structured and targeted communication that is well managed using positive messages to attract customers and shift customer perception. Our success has established our credibility as one of the fastest-growing PR and advertising firms in Milwaukee.

We have the tools and expertise to launch and run an effective PR campaign for you and your business. Our public relations consultants will identify a clear objective with your target audience in mind, and ensure the message comes across clearly to your audience. 

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