The 4 Do or Die Laws for Social Media

by | Jul 23, 2017 | Client News

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Succeeding with social media marketing is without a doubt a challenge, but if you want even the slightest chance of success, then you need a solid foundation.

Social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that allows you to connect, engage, and captivate your audience, build brand loyalty, increase customer retention, and generate leads while seeing an outstanding ROI.

You need a strong foundation before you can influence anyone on social media. Here are the four laws that will make or break your social media marketing efforts.


  1. Do Not Advertise on your Social Media Page

 How often do you walk into a chamber of commerce meeting or another social networking event and just start screaming “BUY MY STUFF! BUY MY STUFF‼ –  20% OFF RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW?”

Social Media - Debra Lopez Public RelationsIf your answer is “well at least twice a week!” then please do everyone a favor and get off the internet. Forever.  The rest of you are probably laughing at the thought of how crazy and desperate that would be, yet many of you fail to realize that you are doing the same thing, just in the online world.

Keep in mind that social media is a double-edged sword. It can benefit you in so many ways, but it can also ruin your reputation. You will turn your audience off like a light switch and drive people away from your brand when you continuously promote your product.


  1. Use Social Media as a Promotional Tool

 Wait, what? Didn’t I just condemn people who advertise on social media?

Absolutely not! I shamed people who advertise on their social media page. Using a pay-per-click social media advertising platform, such as LinkedIn Advertising or Facebook Advertising, can result in a phenomenal ROI.

 Many social media advertising platforms have a powerful array of targeting features that allow you to get your message to your ideal audience. You can also monitor numerous metrics to determine if your advertisement is succeeding or failing.

Take advantage of these powerful tools, and with proper execution, you will reap the rewards.


  1. Have an Exceptional Content Strategy in Place

Would you build a skyscraper without a blueprint? Probably not. A thorough content strategy is essential; it will literally make or break your content marketing efforts.

Lacking a content strategy is like walking through the digital landscape while wearing a blindfold as your competitors quickly jog past you. A few benefits that a content strategy will give you are:

  • A clear understanding of who your audience is and how you can engage them.
  • Strategic goals that provide a clear vision as to what you are trying to
  • A plan that includes the steps and tactics needed to reach your goals.
  • An understanding of where you stand compared to your competition.


  1. Use the Proper Brand Tone, Style, and Voice

I am referring to the “personality” of your writing which can evoke both positive and negative emotions depending on how your audience views your content.

You should not sound like a frat boy if you sell neurological medical equipment. If your sneaker company sells shoes that are purchased by sixteen-year-olds, then your social media posts should not look like an attempt to formally address the president.

To be successful in social media marketing, you need to post content that captivates and engages your target audience, and It starts with how your brand portrays itself.



So before you post “WOOF! GET 20% OFF WHEN YOU COME TO PENNY’S PUPPY PEDICURES. TURN THAT PLAIN PUPPY INTO A DAZZLING DOGGY. WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!” twice a day for the next month, just remember that the innocent victims who helplessly see your nauseating posts flood their news feed never did anything to hurt you!

These are four essential pillars to succeeding on social media. There are many more factors that determine the success of your social media efforts, and seeing impactful results is very challenging and requires a specialized skill set.

If you do not have the extensive amount of time and expertise needed to create a thorough content strategy and post content on a regular basis, or if you lack the ability to write captivating content that engages an audience, then it is probably in your best interest to leave the heavy lifting to the pros.