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Public Relations Firm Provides Exceptional Advertising Services

Debra Lopez Public Relations takes pride in providing only the highest quality marketing solutions for businesses and individuals.

If you’re looking to raise your image and increase sales, we will deliver. Our Milwaukee firm is skilled in marketing, advertising and PR. We are very proactive and passionate about our public relations efforts.

Public Relations

Our Milwaukee public relations services ensure your brand recognition increases among your target customers. If you work with an expert PR firm like Debra Lopez Public Relations, you will find yourself branded as the expert in your industry. We will assist you with:

  • PR campaigns- to send a clear, positive message about your company to potential customers.
  • Business consulting- to help you figure out ways to increase conversions.
  • Press release writing- to compel the media to put your business on air.
  • Ad campaigns- to help you create commercials and online advertisements that get your customers’ attention.
  • Event planning and support- to promote your business and ensure your event runs smoothly.
  • Media marketing and buying- to create a recognizable brand across all marketing platforms.
  • Product launches- to help you promote a new product or service.

Digital Marketing/Media Strategy

Our services include digital content marketing in Milwaukee. We have top notch digital strategists who help get your business found online. Digital content marketing will no doubt be the future.  If you don’t have your technological fundamentals in place, you will not be able to compete which will be followed by a financial deficit. Knowledge is power and digital content marketing is crucial to your business. Our services include:

  • Developing and overseeing the implementation of digital marketing strategies
  • Launching innovative and creative campaigns in support of organization and brand marketing.
  • Implementing search (SEM and SEO and DCM), display advertising, and mobile marketing to acquire and retain customers, strengthen community engagement, and increase brand exposure and awareness.
  • Evaluating digital content strategy on existing platforms in order to create strategic improvements.
  • Monitoring and tracking all digital initiatives and tactics (i.e. Google Analytics, AdWords, social media monitoring etc.).
  • Conducting analysis and presenting recommendations to optimize strategies.
  • Assisting with the development of email marketing.

Social Media Marketing

  • Create and deploy social media plans and tactics across all social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, blogs, and more) as part of overall digital marketing mix.
  • Write, edit, and produce content for social media channels and coordinate with assigned staff for specific topics.
  • Actively engage with social communities regularly.
  • Evaluate existing websites and social media channels, create plan for improvements.
  • Monitor global social media accounts and targeted campaigns in order to conduct analysis and present recommendations to optimize social media strategies.
  • Track and analyze social media performance and create reports for review by executive leadership.

Social Media Marketing Services:

Social Media Management and Implementation


Our Milwaukee videography services are important for all types of marketing. We create TV commercials and television shows, as well as web videos. Whether you have a new show idea that will build brand awareness for your company or you want to show off a product on your website, Debra Lopez Public Relations is here to help. Our videography services include:

  • Website videos- great for “how-to” guides or product showcases
  • TV commercials- we provide media buying services so we will help get your commercial produced and on the air
  • Company videos- ideal for training new employees or promote your services to other businesses
  • Company TV shows- we will help get your TV show off the ground with exceptional script writing, videography and editing
  • Photography- websites and print materials with high quality photography help your company be a more trusted business


Our Milwaukee advertising services help you build an initial brand strategy; then, we help you become the best resource for your service or product. Our services include:

  • Graphic design- our Milwaukee graphic designers create stunning websites and print materials.
  • Ad campaigns- effective campaigns are important for spreading the image of your brand across multiple platforms.
  • Strategy and brand positioning- a great brand strategy will let your customers know what kind of company you are and that you are a trusted resource.
  • Media buying- we have connections with various networks to buy air time for TV and radio commercials, as well as TV shows.
  • Market research- we get a deeper understand of your business, so we can effectively advertise your business.
  • Identity branding- we help you create a clear image of your company across your marketing platforms.
  • Music and jingle writing- we create catchy music and jingles for radio and TV commercials.

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