Market Research for Advertising in Wisconsin

Debra Lopez Public Relations provides expert market research for determining consumer behavior, in order to identify and define the best, most prolific marketing opportunities for our clients. We utilize systematic data collection, in addition to surveys, product testing and focus groups to collect targeted data regarding potential customers’ preferences for your products and/or services in today’s highly competitive, market-based economy. This helps discover what your potential customers think about your products or services before making them available to the public and ensures the success of your marketing campaigns, in addition to the promotion, distribution, design and pricing of your goods and services.

Our professional market research team has the capability to link potential customers to your business by generating, refining and evaluating potential marketing actions, in addition to monitoring your performance in your Wisconsin target market. By designing unique methods for collecting information, our PR firm will manage and implement the data collection process, analyze the results and create an advertising plan based upon the market research that is specific to your business, not some else’s ‘best guess’ of what may or may not work for your products or services.

Debra Lopez Public Relations offers the best, most comprehensive and professional market research in Wisconsin and the Milwaukee, area. As our client, the goal of our market research is to:

  • Serve as the voice of the consumer
  • Focus on identifying and understanding consumer behavior by exploring their motivations, attitudes and needs
  • Provide you with relevant, reliable, valid and consumer information, in order to effectively target customers
  • Gain a competitive advantage against your competitors


Specifically, our consumer market research services are second to none for the following six reasons:

  • Keeps your marketing and promotions focused
  • Allows you to pursue the most profitable growth opportunities
  • Preserves your business’ relevancy in the market and ensures it’s future-oriented
  • Improves your decision-making capabilities and reduces risk
  • Optimizes brand strategy and positioning
  • Elevates your messaging and advertising communications

Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a multi-national corporation, understanding your competition, as well as the behavior and motivations of your target customers is vital to success in today’s quickly evolving marketplace. Contact the Milwaukee PR consultants at Debra Lopez Public Relations to increase your business’s visibility and boost your customer base in today’s highly competitive marketplace.