Professional Identity Branding in Milwaukee

Identity branding is a combination of your company’s logo, slogan, identity design and overall market branding that forms a perceived image of your business, products and/or services to consumers. Although the overall strategy of planning to successful identity branding is complex and confusing to the majority companies, Debra Lopez Public Relations has the knowledge and professional expertise to assist you in navigating this process, in addition to creating an identity branding plan that will ensure your marketing success in today’s dynamic marketplace!

Although business owners typically believe that their brand consists of their logo, slogan and promotional marketing advertisements, it is much more sophisticated than that. In essence, your business’ identity branding is your ‘corporate image.’ Your corporate image conveys what you do, what you own and what you produce, which should consistently reflect the values, goals and mission statement of your business, as a whole. If created and marketed correctly, your company’s logo becomes one identifiable mark, which positively reflects your identity and brand to consumers. Your brand, identity and logo can be simplified, as follows:

  • Brand: The perceived emotional business image as a whole
  • Identity: The visual aspects that form part of your overall brand
  • Logo: Identification your business in its simplest form via your mark/icon


Effective identity branding creates a positive customer experience through visuals and packaging that quickly garners the attention of consumers and encourages them to purchase. Your identity can be comprised of any or a combination of the following types of ‘visuals’:

  • Logo (symbol of the entire identity & brand)
  • Stationery (letterhead, business cards, envelopes)
  • Main advertising or storefront (website, external and internal building signage)
  • Promotions (flyers, brochures, publications, newsletters)
  • Products & packaging (products and/or services sold)

The professional PR consultants at Debra Lopez Public Relations specialize in creating identity branding in Wisconsin and the Milwaukee area that will take your business to the top of your market by developing positive perceptions of your business and customer experience. Our detailed design process is driven by key elements, such as market research, consumer feedback, determining your key business goals and the types of messages your business wants to convey, in addition to identifying your customers targeted marketing strategies and advertising.

We will help you consistently apply your well-defined brand identity across a multitude of media platforms, in order to propel your business to success in your target market and assure customer response. Contact the Milwaukee PR consultants at Debra Lopez Public Relations to increase your business’s visibility and boost your customer base in today’s highly competitive marketplace.