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Awakening the Domestic Church

We’re ecstatic to share this news! Our client, Remy Battery, is making headlines! Debra Lopez Public Relations was proud to help spread the word on the revolutionary invention and government acknowledgment of their efforts. First, we’ll give you a little background.


Eighty-eight years ago, in the midst of the Great Depression, a local battery rebuilder started Remy Battery. Back then, the company rebuilt lead-acid batteries. There was just enough demand at the time to carry the company through the Depression.

In the early 40’s Remy Battery began manufacturing batteries. By the 1960s, the competition was fierce. Remy Battery shifted focus to stay ahead of the crowd, establishing a network of delivery trucks and creating a distribution chain.

Over the next three decades, Remy Battery grew retail operations, expanded routes, and added a diverse product line – always keeping pace with technology. Today is no different. Now operating in five locations, Remy has capitalized on the online marketplace.


Remy Battery continues to be a leader in environmental efforts. What started as a free recycling program for all batteries has expanded into a social responsibility movement. Remy Battery has converted its entire transportation fleet to compressed natural gas vehicles. They even find eco-friendly carriers for their online clientele!

Remy Battery took this initiative one step further and created FreshStart packaging. FreshStart efficient packaging frees up storage space with its reduced footprint, allowing more units on a pallet, and reducing shipping costs. The packaging can also be used to return-ship scrap batteries and empty electrolyte bottles for proper recycling. Everything the consumer needs to activate the battery is included in one package!


In 2017, Remy Battery was a finalist for the Battery Council International’s “Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Innovation Award” for FreshStart. This award celebrates innovation in services, equipment, products, and processes that advance the lead battery industry.

BCI recognition, along with the guidance and assistance of Steve Makovec from the Wisconsin Procurement Institute (Wispro), a Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) Remy Battery came to the attention of the Department of Defense.

The Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Logistics Agency offered Remy Battery a $43 million “Indefinite Quantity Contract.” This means the DoD has agreed to purchase a maximum of 83,000 batteries a year for a base period of three years, plus 2 one-year option years!

Batteries International News Article


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