Do Nonprofits Need PR?

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Digital Tips

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Positive public images are meaningful for every company, but do nonprofits need PR?  With sometimes limited budgets, a public relations campaign may simply be overlooked.  At Debra Lopez Public Relations we know the benefits of a strong PR team are not only important – but crucial.

Because nonprofit organizations rely on the support of donors and the general public to achieve its mission, getting your name out in a positive way will drastically increase the backing you receive in all areas of your charity.

Areas That Benefit from PR

Financial Support:  By cultivating a positive image and showing your organization’s successes, your donations can increase.  Donors love to see how their money is used – and the more specific you are, the better.  When you show the positive ways their donation has touched the community they are likely to continue to donate and possibly even increase their donations.  These donors, whether individual or corporate, can piggyback on your publicity and in turn, capitalize on their generosity.

Volunteers:  Non-profits depend on people willing to donate their time – from working events or helping in the office.  The more these potential volunteers hear about the positive work you’re doing, the more eager they will be to get involved.

Education:  Along with raising funds, the goal for non-profits usually includes informing and educating the public about their cause. Public relations campaigns help you get the word out about the specific issues you are passionate about. Educational campaigns will also help a nonprofit meet the requirements of the IRS in regard to your tax-exempt status.

Legislation:  U.S. Congress increases funding for research or education when they see positive public relations.   Nonprofits can influence politicians in many ways through their PR campaign – without directly lobbying.  The more stories about your organization’s activities that legislators see, the more likely you are to get their support to advance your mission.

Damage Control

Nonprofits are more severely damaged by negative press than for-profit companies.  A negative public image will directly affect all areas of your organization (donations, volunteers, education and legislation).  At DLPR, we focus on building your reputation through constant, positive publicity.

The most important thing you can do to ensure the success of your charity is to take a proactive approach.  Have a PR team in place before you need them.  It’s much easier to deal with bad press when you already have a strong brand.

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