Mobile Website Optimization

Wisconsin’s Best Mobile Website Optimization Experts

Building a mobile optimized website for your Milwaukee-based small business isn’t an option in today’s marketplace – it’s a necessity. Some of the ‘buzz words’ surrounding mobile website optimization include terms, such as mobile optimized, mobile friendly and responsive design. Regardless of the term used, one thing is certain – today’s websites simply must be optimized/compatible with mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets. Understanding how your website displays on these types of devices is crucial to ensuring your website/business is being ‘seen’ in the best possible way. The number of consumers viewing websites on mobile devices has risen dramatically over the past few years and continues to increase.

Some of the most critical factors for a mobile optimized website include:

  • Text-based phone numbers, physical addresses or email addresses for which the consumer can initiate a phone call, directions or email message to your business from their mobile devices
  • Slideshows or image rotators that function without Flash support (Adobe Flash is not supported by Apple and some other mobile devices)
  • Small image sizes to allow for quick loading over mobile connections, regardless of the type of connection
  • Simplified navigation and large touch points on the screen for critical information
  • Responsive design that is flexible regardless of the type of mobile devise used, e.g., cell phone or tablet

Your Business Needs A Mobile Optimized Website

Research shows that 57 percent of consumers who use mobile devices will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load a page, and an additional 30 percent will choose not to purchase a transaction if the shopping cart isn’t optimized for mobile devices. The PR consultants at Debra Lopez Public Relations have the tools and expertise to create a mobile optimized website for your business to ensure you’re gaining customers, as opposed to losing them. In addition, we can ensure your mobile optimized website garners traffic, so that your business’ brand is engaged effectively.  Contact the Milwaukee PR consultants at Debra Lopez Public Relations to increase your business’s visibility and boost your customer base in today’s highly competitive marketplace through the use of a mobile optimized website.