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Mobile Optimization

The Mobile Optimization Difference and How it Can Affect Your SEO Campaigns

In recent years, digital marketing has gained plenty of popularity with both small and large businesses creating in an an effort to achieve a strong online presence for their brands. The online industry is constantly evolving, making it essential for the marketers and business to keep a tab on the latest developments to stay ahead in the competition.

The importance of the SEO optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a powerful tool with intent to enhance any brand’s visibility. Every business owner or online marketer understands the challenges associated with the optimization of content and the website in general. Whether it is mobile optimization or desktop optimization, marketers can take advantage of both to provide the best results to customers.

However, the shift from Desktop to Mobile in recent years is significant, and perhaps the most momentous trend in the digital world where optimizing mobile-search is the top priority for all the leading brands. In fact, primary search engines such as Google are now penalizing websites that are not optimized for mobile search. The shift from the desktop to Mobile-focused internet marketing is one of the top trends of this year.

The need for Mobile Optimization

There is no denying that traditional or Desktop Optimization is extremely vital for the online campaigns, however, brands are realizing the importance of Mobile Optimization is growing.

There are over 2 billion people using their mobile devices to connect, surf, and explore the web. The staggering number of mobile users means that more and more people are using their mobile phones to search for information on a regular basis. Due to the massive potential of this medium in building website traffic, it makes perfect sense that brands are using mobile optimization to their advantage.

Mobile Optimization

What exactly is a Mobile Optimized Site?

Although the primary optimization elements of both desktop and mobile are the same such as relevant & rich content, keyword optimization, natural backlinks, etc., there are some significant differences between two approaches.

Some of these key optimization elements specific to mobile search are-

Dedicated mobile-friendly web presence
Google and Apple iOS Maps
Voice Searches such as Siri, OK Google, etc
Local SEO

How Mobile Optimization is different from Desktop Optimization

As mentioned earlier, although the fundamentals of Mobile and Desktop SEO remain the same, there are some key differences between the two as discussed below-

Ranking Algorithm
The different ranking algorithm is perhaps the main difference between the Desktop and Mobile SEO. Google realized the need to have a separate algorithm for the two to provide better user experience for mobile customers. Among the major factor that was changed for mobile optimization is location.

User Search Behavior
Unlike Desktop searchers, Mobile searchers are utilizing their mobile devices to search at different times and have altogether different context for their search. Fifty percent of mobile search queries have “local intent.” That’s a lot more than PCs, where only 20 percent of desktop searches include local intent. For this reason, Mobile Optimization is heavily dependent on good and rich content. Including the relevant keywords optimized for mobile keyword search rather than general keywords is an essential aspect of Mobile Optimization.

User engagement
Another critical difference between Desktop Optimization and Mobile Optimization is the user engagement. While the mobile searchers are highly engaged, they are not necessarily interested in scrolling down the search results beyond the top search result. Since they are on the go, they are looking for quick information within seconds.

Unlike the Desktop Optimization, the importance of being in the top spot of the search engine results in Mobile Optimization is enormous, and that’s why Mobile optimization is currently addressed differently.

The importance of Mobile Optimization

Mobile SEO is an easy and efficient way to market a business online and to enhance your brand’s visibility as a large number of customers use local mobile search every day to find information. Below are some of the reasons why brands must optimize their sites for Mobile-

Improves Website Traffic
With an ever-increasing base of mobile users, mobile websites are equally important as the desktop versions. The fact that users are engaging with mobile sites and apps regularly for quick and easy access to information, mobile optimization should be the priority.

Reduce the bounce rate
If the information a user is accessing is not legible or readable on their mobile device, your sites bounce rate will increase. To enhance user experience and increase conversions it’s imperative to optimize your site for Mobile. mobile search by friends

Build Brand Credibility
There is no doubt about it. People will engage with your brand more if they have a positive mobile experience and your mobile site is optimized for better functionality and consistency. Mobile optimization builds trust and credibility for your company.

Mobile Optimization is a robust online marketing tool, and it is only going to get stronger and more significant in the future. Whether you own a local business or a run a floral shop, it is time to take advantage of this opportunity and improve your business.

According to Comscore “Smartphones are used everywhere and mostly over a mobile operator connection, rather than WiFi. Smartphones are used: at home 36 percent of the time; in a store 15 percent; while waiting 14 percent; commuting 13 percent; in a restaurant 10 percent –