Just One More Ministry Receives Warehouse Facelift Donated by Rebel Converting

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Client News

Awakening the Domestic Church

Mike and Loretta Kryshak support local nonprofit with in-kind donations to help renovate their new warehouse.

Milwaukee, WI October 5, 2020 – Chris Capper looks around his 24,000 square foot warehouse and exhales one sigh of relief and then one of thanks. His warehouse looks clean, organized, well lit, and the smell of fresh paint fills the air. He is grateful to Mike and Loretta Kryshak, Rebel Converting and Rebel Reform (Rebel Converting’s social outreach arm), for their unwavering support and in-kind donations overhauling their new warehouse.


JOMM’s New Location

In June 2019, Chris Capper gave the Kryshaks a tour of JOMM’s new Glendale location. After purchasing the building more than a year ago, the staff and volunteers had been working on upgrading it ever since. Many people were getting the warehouse organized and lots of donated office furniture, but there was still much to be done.


Rebel Converting Provides Support

When Loretta and Mike Kryshak heard about JOMM’s dilemma, they immediately sent some of their employees to help. They fixed the insulation, painted the drive-up area, epoxied the floors, installed drywall, set up racks, and did everything else needed to finish the food prep area before JOMM’s open house. Once COVID-19 hit, the renovation was stalled until recently when the Kryshaks were able to send in professional electricians, lighting installers, painters, drywallers,  as well as other tradespeople to help complete with the improvements.

Today the renovation is nearly complete. The entire warehouse looks fresh and new. Every inch has been painted, and high-efficiency LED lights offer bright lighting throughout the space. Pallet racks line the walls, JOMM has been able to expand their coolers and freezers’ sizes, and the volunteers are ready to get to work. Furthermore, JOMM now has four times the amount of space they used to have, and they cannot wait to use it!


 “It is truly amazing what Just One More Ministry has been able to accomplish with the resources that they have had available. They are exactly the type of non-profit everyone should look at supporting – where the resources given, whether through volunteering, in-kind donations, or cash – directly correlate to feeding those who would otherwise go hungry. We hope that others will join us and provide them with the resources to expand their mission,” stated Loretta Kryshak.

To see the refurbished warehouse, you can watch the following video provided by JOMM.

Just One More Ministry’s New Warehouse

About Just One More Ministry

JOMM was founded in 2008 by Chris Capper and is a food recovery program. They collect and repackage prepared food, fresh produce, and bakery from numerous Milwaukee suppliers. It’s then redistributed to more than 75 Milwaukee inner-city churches, food pantries, and organizations serving the homeless, the poor, women, children, the elderly, and veterans. To donate – https://www.jomministry.org/donate

About Rebel Reform

Rebel Reform is the Social Outreach Arm of Rebel Converting and a proud member of the Greater Milwaukee area community. Their mission is to work with several non-profits and to support various social causes where their support offers the most significant impact.