LinkedIn Business Pages – Are you REALLY Linked in?

by | Aug 15, 2016 | Digital Tips

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Linkedin business pages

LinkedIn may be one of the best kept not-so secrets in the business to business marketing platform. With over 400 million users, the networking site is still quite undervalued. Companies that maximize their utilization of the social media network are able to have the advantage when it comes to finding employees – but if you’re using LinkedIn simply to scout prospects, you’re missing out.

Don’t forget – every resume and profile you scroll through is also a potential client!  So, how do you create a business profile that shows your industry knowledge, showcases your talents, and ALSO markets to users and companies all at the same time? We can show you how to WOW them all!

First things first – Create your company page.  Keep your profile up to date with relevant information about your size and type of company you are.  Make sure you include a company logo and header that highlights your brand. Don’t lose sight of your SEO either – use keywords in your description.

Post Updates Often. Letting your page sit with little activity defeats the purpose of having it.  Share information about your company: press releases, blogs, career postings, as well as industry news, motivational quotes and anything else relevant to your business.

Sell Yourself. The best way to do this? Engagement.  Talk to your connections. Congratulate them on work anniversaries. Get involved in group conversations.  By providing help, insight or useful tips, you’re creating a relationship with everyone who views the comment. The more interaction you have, the more you are on people’s minds.  And simply – when people like you, they are more likely to think of you when they need your product or service.

Take advantage of Showcase Pages and Promoting your page.  Showcase pages are extensions of your company profile page.  Post information and photos of individual products or services.  By having more specific “landing pages” you’re able to reach more specific segments of your demographic.  The more topics your page falls under, the wider audience you’ll have.  The same thing applies when promoting your page.  The more promotion, the more people will see your company in their news feed.  In turn, the more that see you, the more that follow you.

Still not sure where to begin? Don’t have the time to spend liking status updates? Call Debra Lopez Public Relations today at 262-989-0604.  Our Social Media Team is ready to help keep you connected!