Jewell Homes Basement Remodeling

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Client News

Awakening the Domestic Church

It wasn’t that long ago that basements were used for storage and doing laundry. They were often dark, dingy spaces filled with boxes of holiday decor and cobwebs. As families grew or siblings could no longer share a bedroom without fighting, make-shift bedrooms were created. Sometimes this meant strategically placing a bed in the empty area and throwing up curtain walls. This was the beginning of basement remodeling

Our client, Jewell Homes, a Milwaukee-based custom home builder, received repeated calls from homeowners inquiring about basement remodeling. To meet the growing need of the community, they launched their own remodeling division with a primary focus on kitchens, bathrooms, lower-levels, doors, and windows. They’re now sharing the latest trends in lower-level renovations and basement remodeling. 

Home Gyms and Spas

Home gyms and spas have increased in popularity as we’ve grown more health-conscious. You will no longer have to make a long commute to the gym, hoping the machines you want to use are free. The privacy created and money saved on membership fees are a high selling point for homeowners. You don’t need an expansive open space to create the gym of your dreams either. Steam showers, saunas, and workout equipment can be worked in any area with the help of a professional remodeler. 

basement remodeling

Theaters and TV Rooms

In-home theaters filled with cozy seating and surround sound are still trendy. However, in recent years, there has been a consistent upswing in open concept media and tv rooms. Both options add living space and value to your home.  Many parents prefer watching movies in their homes because it allows them to control the content being viewed and saves money on ticket costs and concessions. The most considerable benefit of a theater or TV room is the enjoyment your family will receive from it for years to come. 

basement remodeling

Bedrooms and Guest Suites

Whether you have family that visits often or a college student that needs more privacy, guest suites are a great idea. Suites consist of a bedroom, bathroom, and sometimes even a wet bar or kitchenette! Depending on the square footage available, homeowners may opt to add a seating area or multiple bedrooms. Guest suites provide privacy and comfort with the convenience of being located in your home.

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Bars and Kitchenettes

Alleviate the argument of who has to go upstairs to top off your cocktail by adding a bar to your basement. Basement bars and kitchenettes give you the perfect space to entertain – conveniently. These additions are also completely customizable from a bar with a few cabinets and a mini-fridge to a wet bar with a working sink to a completely functional kitchen with cooking appliances. These spaces allow for easy clean-up and keep your guests (and mess) out of the main area of your home. 

Jewell Homes Basement Remodeling 
Nowadays, a home is not complete without a finished basement. Basement remodeling continues to evolve as homeowners creatively repurpose what was once a “scary” place. If you’re considering making a change to your lower-level, consult Jewell Homes.