Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Digital Tips

Awakening the Domestic Church

digital marketing 2019The new year is right around the corner! Bring on the resolutions, trends and artificial intelligence! Yes, you read that right.  The evolution of digital marketing strategies your business needs is upon us more than ever this coming year.  Take a look at 2019 digital marketing trends you need to get to know – or you’ll be left in the dust.

  1. Artificial Intelligence: What was once only seen in a sci-fi movie is now a reality. You know, those scenes where robots take over the world? Well, it may not be that serious, but they are taking over quite a few of our jobs.   Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines.  This includes learning, reasoning and self-correction. Think Alexa, Siri and Ok Google…which brings us to our next trend of 2019…
  2. Chatbots: A computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the internet. Why, you ask, would a business need a “pretend” human to help? A study presented at the 4th International Conference on Internet Science in November 2017 identified reasons why people choose to interact with chatbots – among them: increased productivity (fast access to information), social and relational (fuels non-judgmental conversation), entertainment (they simply amuse people).
  3. Getting Personal: Blast emails are history!  With the increase of AI and technology-based marketing, one thing consumers are more concerned with than ever is personalization.  From being acknowledged by your name when you login to a website, or having personal shopping recommendations suggested for you, consumers are eating up the personal touch – even if it comes from their laptop.
  4. Videos: According to, the numbers speak for themselves.70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video.72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate.52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions.65% of executives visit the marketer’s website and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video. Since the inception of YouTube, video marketing has been steadily gaining popularity. Businesses are using video for everything from how to videos to how something is made to day to day insights into their company.
  5. Social Media Stories: “My Story” was started by social media giant, Snapchat. The idea behind it being that you share small moments for a designated period of time – and then they disappear.  This concept has now spread to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. By using your company story for marketing, you are evoking emotion in consumers – whether it be educational, for entertainment, or heartwarming.

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