Change your Brand’s Negative Reputation

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Digital Tips

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change your brand's negative reputation

When your company gets bad press, you may struggle: do you jump online and defend yourself or do nothing and wait for it blow over?  It’s a difficult position to be in. However,  if you allow everyone else to manipulate your message, you lose control of the situation – and your brand.

Companies should be prepared for a long-term campaign.  Negative reviews, poor customer experience, lawsuits or unfavorable publicity tarnish your image.  Through carefully formulated information released to the public via social media, advertising, and company websites you can rebuild customer loyalty. These 3 steps to change your brand’s negative reputation will show how to educate the public and stay true to your brand:

  1. Research. Take an online inventory of your company. Where are you present?  How many reviews do you have and what do they say?  Check numerous search engines.  Take note of where you are that you don’t want to be and where you want to be that you aren’t.
  2. Create. Choose the keywords used when searching for your brand or company. Develop new, original content to push down negative content in search engine rankings. Continuously add new content over a long time period.
  3. Distribute. Hire a public relations firm to create news-worthy content. When an article is published by a news source, it will likely rank higher. Educate the public thru thoughtful social media posts. Utilize your company blog regularly.

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