Carpet City Flooring Center Releases New Jingle

by | May 19, 2016 | Client News

Awakening the Domestic Church


Carpet City Flooring Center teamed up with the talent at Debra Lopez Public Relations (DLPR) to help put together their new marketing campaign. Christopher Szebeni of the well-known Wisconsin band Boxkar and singer with the BoDeans, in partnership with DLPR, worked with the carpet and flooring crew to come up with a new sound for the statewide carpet and flooring company.  Along with this upbeat jingle, keep your eye open for Carpet City’s new commercial!

“We’re excited to bring some fun and excitement to the carpet and flooring industry!  Carpet City is a leader in their industry and we’re thrilled to be working with such great people,” said Debra Lopez, President of Debra Lopez Public Relations.

Szebeni offers the best custom jingle writing and producing service in the market place, as shown by the countless number of his jingles in play today.  The DLPR team, including Szebeni, composed the jingle to reflect the vision of the leaders at Carpet City.

“Our teams wanted to create a jingle that clearly expressed the mission of the client.  As Wisconsin’s largest, family owned flooring company, Carpet City prides itself on next day delivery and their vast selection of flooring options in their showrooms.  We’re thrilled with the result,” added Lopez.

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