Your Business Can’t Afford To Ignore Bing

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Client News

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When businesses decide to take the important step on paying for search engine ads, most only think of Google. The search engine giant dominates searches with almost 70% market share in searches. However, Google should only be one part of your paid digital advertising plan. Don’t forget about Bing. With recent news, it’s much easier now than ever before to integrate Bing into your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Why choose Bing?

There’s no denying that Google is the biggest search engine around. However, over 30% of searches happen using Bing/Yahoo. That’s almost one-third of all searches done by potential customers and clients that your business isn’t advertising to.

With Google dominating digital search advertising, there’s also much less competition on Bing. This translates to a big increase in click-throughs for your ads, which lead to more business. Don’t forget, Bing isn’t just partnered with Yahoo. They also are partnered with many different smaller search engines where competition is even less.

It all boils down to quality over quantity. The money spent on Google might lead to a greater number of people seeing your ads, however, with a quality ad on Bing, you are looking at more bang for your advertising buck.

Adding Bing to your marketing strategy is simple!

As a business owner or manager, it can sound daunting adding yet another piece to your digital marketing strategy. Not to worry! Google AdWords and Bing work very well with each other. The ad copy you use for one, can easily be transferred to the other. Budgets and keywords being used in AdWords, can be applied to Bing as well. There’s no reason to avoid using Bing Ads anymore.

If you had the chance to put your TV commercial in front of everyone watching TV, you’d take it right? Incorporating Bing Ads (and they’re many partners) into your digital marketing strategy, along with Google, gives your business the opportunity to advertise in front of almost 100% of potential clients and customers performing searches.

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