8 Steps for Success Regarding Digital Marketing in 2018

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Client News

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Digital Marketing in 2018

Don’t let the idea of setting up your 2018 digital marketing  budget overwhelm you. Keep your priorities in order, and the task of setting up that budget will run more smoothly. Focus on maintaining your digital outputs on the cutting edge, make them creative, and be sure that they are effective. It is essential that they are integrated across numerous mediums and platforms as well. While communicating with your target audience profiles, remember to establish brand consistency. The path to the highest engagement is lined with well delivered, consistent, creative ideas.

Read on to view recommendations on how to prioritize your 2018 digital marketing budget.

Digital Marketing in 2018

Evaluate Your Digital Presence

Improving or updating your digital presence does not necessarily mean that you have to re-create your website from scratch every few years. Instead, see to it that your site evolves perpetually. Not only will this help to meet your customer expectations, but it will also assist your company in keeping up with current trends.

An Essential Strategy – Mobile-First Spanning All Digital Platforms

Your content should make the absolute most of the mobile viewing experience. Create a tour, of sorts, for your users explicitly tailored for their mobile devices. If you haven’t already, optimize your platforms and your content by transitioning them over to mobile-ready maximization.

Content and Video – The King 

 Content and video are definitely in charge when it comes to digital marketing. If your website hasn’t already replaced those dry company updates, it’s time to do so. Modify your content so that it is more exciting and engaging. Included here could be options such as marketing and sales communications, a content marketing campaign, articles in long form for a company blog, and quick updates posted on social media.

Companies both big and small must develop a digital marketing plan that includes video. There are numerous intriguing options available in the world of video including decision trees, interactive video, UGC content, and 360° video.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Don’t assume that these new interactive methods are expensive. Virtual and Augmented Reality are actually an affordable way for your audience to experience content. They increase engagement markedly and are the perfect way to take your existing content and kick it up a notch.

Sources of Social Media

Your content should be delivered to the social media audiences most relevant to your cause. Short, eye-grabbing posts – referred to as “snackable” posts – need to go out on all platforms considered pertinent to your company or organization (i.e., YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook).

Enhance Your Events with Digital Design

To extend your message’s lifespan, increase engagement, and deliver impact, essential design features include both moving image and creative digital elements – particularly during events. Today’s most effectual multi-media events will consist of print media, social media, video, activities, and digital installations.

Digital Combined with Print

Rather than doing away with print, make it more impactful by coupling it with digital. The two working together create a stronger impression than they do alone.

Personalize The Digital Experience for Your Users

There can be no denying that the most successful companies invest in data and audience analysis. You can create better user experiences and content, the more knowledge you acquire regarding your target audience. The solid ground upon which to build a robust digital strategy is made from an in-depth competitor and market analysis.

Finally, don’t be afraid to test the waters when it comes to today’s new technologies. All of the points mentioned above are important, yes. But be sure to set aside some of your resources earmarked explicitly for checking out the unfamiliar. In the long run, early experimentation can pay off tenfold.