3 Reasons You Should Hire a Social Media Manager

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Digital Tips, Public Relations

Awakening the Domestic Church

You started a business and watched it grow. Through your hard work and industry knowledge, you’ve created a successful brand. And, then came social media. Now a necessity for any company, social media takes up a substantial amount of time. More and more organizations now outsource this project, allowing them to focus on their business. Let us explain why we think you should hire a social media manager.

What is a Social Media Manager?

A Social Media Manager control your social networking sites on your behalf. Through accessing your social networks, Social Media Managers act as the voice of your brand. They create content, share relevant posts, and design ad campaigns. Social Media Managers build engagement, increase followers, and builds awareness of your brand by interacting with your audience. Social Media Managers provide expert guidance to businesses on how to grow their online presence.

Reasons You Should Hire a Social Media Manager

  • They create and build brand authority. They incorporate meaningful, relevant posts to tell the story of who you are and what you do. Their goal is to establish you as the authority in your industry. By posting consistent, relatable content, followers start to identify your brand. You build trust with loyal supporters.
  • Social Media Managers implement a strategic plan for your online image. As business picks up, it is easy to push social media posting to the side. Social Media Managers don’t let that happen. They track marketing efforts through analytics and know-how to decipher the results. By closely watching analytics, social media managers can see instant results. Therefore, if a campaign is doing poorly, it can quickly be changed.
  • Social media generates new customers. Social Media Managers understand the balance between paid advertising and organic content. After completing market research in your industry, they design a campaign targeting your demographic. Your company’s online personality drives traffic to your website, increasing your leads.

Online Presence Increases Your Bottom Line

Google, Bing, and other search engines place a higher value on a business that runs an active social media campaign. Consequently, in the world of the internet, the more relevant your social media is, the more relevant your business is. The higher your business ranks in search engine results, the more leads you generate.

Debra Lopez Public Relations offers Social Media Management packages based on the needs and size of your business. We create and deploy social media pages across channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, and Instagram. Our digital marketing gurus write and edit content, design a plan for improvement, and actively engage with your audience. Additionally, we monitor worldwide social accounts and targetted advertising campaigns to perform a complete analysis. This, combined with tracking your social media performance, gives us the tools we need to present you with our recommendations and strategies.

Located in Milwaukee, our public relations firm works with companies and individuals throughout the country, whether they’re just starting out or are already established. Contact us today for a free social media management consultation!