1. If the ad won’t let us post the image because of too much text, we can write the text and just post the image.

2. We could post the ad with text included and boost the post?

so ladies,

This would be considered a facebook campaign. If we are looking to raise the final $120,000, the first post might say

Buy a Brick. Build your Legacy at HAWS!

That’s right! The Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) is expanding to meet the needs of the community and we need your help with our final push to meet our goal! We only have $120,000 left to raise of our $1,235,000 fundraising goal!  

Then Jess, you want to get the most play out of your first ad or call to action so continue posting the same ad/post throughout the week.  If you don’t get much action in a day or two, post a new ad.  If you’re getting great feedback from the first posting, continue using the same ad for a while.  You also want to stay vigilant on this campaign and let folks know how much you raised (are raising) often enough.

Now.. that’s the idea, feel free to revise, reword, be creative (Jenn) or simply not use any of it and come up with another idea?