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Jingle and Music Writing in Milwaukee

Wisconsin’s Best Jingle and Music Writing PR Firm

Jingles are a highly important part of effective advertising in today’s competitive marketplace. Jingles are short tunes or songs used in advertising that contain ‘hooks’ or catchy slogans that convey meaning, in order to explicitly promote a company’s products/services. Debra Lopez Public Relations’ Milwaukee advertising firm provides expert, unique jingle and music writing services for radio and television advertising ads and promotions.

Jingles are an extremely valuable form of sound branding, which combines lyrics in the form of rhymes and melodies that express meaning about products and services to consumers, by using the following attributes:

  • Memory: Jingles help consumers easily recognize and remember commercials and radio advertisements
  • Repetition: Your business’ jingle quickly becomes synonymous with your products/services
  • Branding: Jingles are an extremely effective adjunct to visual branding

What makes an advertising jingle successful? The PR consultants at Debra Lopez Public Relations have years of expertise in writing exceptionally unique jingles, tailor-fitted to our clients who have realized significant marketing achievements as a result. Our advertising jingles and music have proven success, because they are:

  • Short, simple, clear and concise
  • Catchy, memorable and create positive associations with your brand
  • Invoke positive emotional feelings and appeal for consumers
  • Combines captivating slogans that communicate meaning about your products/services


Few advertising firms have the skill required to write effective jingles and songs that elicit direct responses from consumers, however, Debra Lopez Public Relations is one such firm that does. Our jingles and songs have been proven to achieve target customer reach in Wisconsin in less time and with increased longevity for Milwaukee marketing campaigns. Contact the Milwaukee PR consultants at Debra Lopez Public Relations to increase your business’s visibility and boost your customer base in today’s highly competitive marketplace.