Behavioral Targeting in Milwaukee

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Ability to provide your customers with increased opportunities for engagement

There is a new way of utilizing the amazing metrics of Google Analytics, using the Google Analytics 360 Suite, which offers the ability to provide your customers with increased opportunities for engagement, in addition to providing you with the tools to deliver them more creatively and efficiently via a refurbished, attractive homepage or a custom-tailored checkout message following a purchase. The Google Analytics 360 Suite is the answer to the concern surrounding pervasive internet connectivity across a range of devices that enable consumers, as well as brands to consume, create and share content, which requires a 360 degree approach to online marketing. Additionally, Google is working toward ensuring modern online marketing initiatives are provided with a complete view of the customer journey from awareness to purchase, and ending with advocacy.

The Google Analytics 360 Suite provides a complete picture of a content marketing strategy that leverages the appropriate mix of earned, owned, paid and shared media to attract, engage and convert more customers. The idea is that if you can better understand how customer segments discover, consume and act on content, the Optimize 360 program will help you to identify the right mix of media, content, topics and tactics to help optimize the customer experience across your business’ buying cycle.

The consultants at Debra Lopez Public Relations understand that better web experiences begin with integrated marketing tools, and work seamlessly with a business’ overall advertising and marketing campaign. Our marketing experts possess the skills required to integrate the Google Analytics 360 Suite as a valuable tool, thus revealing rich behavioral insights about your customers to ensure that their experiences on your website are more valuable, since it provides a personalized solution with full native integration of the data that matters to your business. We have the capability to quickly identify specific areas of your website that can be improved upon, in order to tailor your site to your target audiences, which will ensure an optimal site experience for each and every customer.

Put simply, the Google Analytics 360 Suite makes sense of your website’s data and integrates that data to enable you to build better web experiences for your customers, taking into account their individual needs, preferences and goals. In addition, it provides you with one source of data, thus offering increased confidence as you analyze your website’s data and experiment with it by using the innovative Google Analytics 360 Suite tools to measure key activity, and make critical business decisions.

Whether you need to refurbish your website or completely reimagine your customer’s entire journey, the Google Analytics 360 Suite makes it all possible through experimenting with various objectives to target your audience, in addition to providing you with the ability to connect various data sources in a meaningful way to reach your target customers via streamlined advertising and make educated, data-based marketing decisions.

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